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Walk This Way

The Bible Reading Club: Walk This Way – Built to Serve (Exodus 40:9)

Today’s Reading: Exodus 37-40

Today’s Reflection: Exodus 40:9

9) “Then you shall take the anointing oil and anoint the tabernacle and all that is in it, and consecrate it and all its furniture, so that it may become holy.”

As we finish the book of Exodus, you may be confused and frustrated by the last few chapters.  Why does Moses, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, spend so much time and detail explaining the making of the tabernacle?  What is the relevance of lampstands, and tables, and altars, and curtains, and curtain rods, and so on?  I believe God is trying to reveal something about how He works and what He thinks of each of us.

We first need to understand that the purpose of the sanctuary was to create a place where God could dwell with man (Exodus 25:8).  We should also understand that the sanctuary symbolizes us and that God desires to dwell within us through the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3:16).  Knowing this the painstaking attention to detail we are shown in the building of the sanctuary should take on new meaning:  God takes the same time, care and attention to detail in building each of us to be a sanctuary for Him to dwell in.  There are four distinct steps in the sanctuary building process that apply to your life as well:

Instruction – Moses was given specific instructions about the sanctuary, the materials to be used, and specific people charged with the craftsmanship involved (Exodus 25:1-8; 331:1-5).

Preparation – The children of Israel gathered all of the necessary materials and passed them over to the craftsmen and women who made the tools, curtains and clothing for the sanctuary and the people who would serve in it (Exodus 35:20-36:7).

Annointing – When the sanctuary was complete and erected, Moses was instructed to anoint all of the things in it as well as the priests (Exodus 40:9-15).  Then and only then was the work of building the sanctuary complete.

Service – After all of this was done, the presence of the Lord descended over the tabernacle, indicating the sanctuary was ready to serve Him (Exodus 40:3-38).

Look for each of these stages in your life: listen for God’s Instruction; obey what He has asked of you so you can be Prepared for your calling; receive His Anointing; then Serve Him.

An important note: be patient with this process.  We’re often in a hurry to finish or to understand exactly what God has planned.  God is more concerned with doing things right than with doing them fast.  He took time with Moses and Israel concerning the sanctuary; He’s going to take time with you too.  And when God is finished you’ll be a masterpiece.



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