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Schedule – Readings for the week of Nov 11 (Acts 7-25)

This week we continue continue through the book of Acts.  This powerful book paints a portrait of the formation of the body of Christ, what we today know as the Christian Church.  You’ll find situations that, despite taking place nearly 2,000 years ago, don’t differ significantly from what we face today: conflicts between the culture of the world and the culture of the church; the rigidity of religious conservatives who think they have all of the answers; and people from all walks of life seeking truth and finding their way to Christ through the work of His followers.  How does the approach of the apostles differ from our approach today?  What can we learn and apply to be more effective at spreading the Gospel in these last days?

11 – Nov Sun Acts 7-8*
12 – Nov Mon Acts 9-10*
13 – Nov Tues Acts 11-13*
14 – Nov Wed Acts 14-16*
15 – Nov Thurs Acts 17-19*
16 – Nov Fri Acts 20-22*
17 – Nov Sat Acts 23-25*

* Indicates previously unpublished devotional

Continue to be blessed and to be a blessing!



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