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Schedule – Readings for the week of Dec 30 (Revelation 19-8)

And here is the final schedule update for the year!  First of all I’d like to congratulate all of you who stuck it out for the entire year!  Reading the entire bible is a great accomplishment every Christian should accomplish at least once, and doing it within a year helps us to see that through the various books, stories and writers, at it’s heart it is one grand story of grace, love and mercy reaching down from the heavens to lift mankind up and save us from our mistakes.

Secondly, as no one has requested the e-mail newsletter with daily devotionals for 2013, the final one will be sent on Monday December 31, 2012.  The website (www.thebiblereadingclub.com) will continue to update daily.  My hope is to re-edit the existing posts, and add keywords to facilitate searches for specific topics over the next few months.

Finally, don’t let this be the end of your exploration of the bible.  It is more than a book.  It’s words are life.  Each time you read it you will find refreshing, rejuvenation, and instruction relevant to where you are at the time you read it.  It never changes, but it will continue to change you into the image of a Christ-like character, if you let it.  Continue to be blessed and wishing you all the best for a wonderful 2013!

30 – Dec Sun Revelation 19-20*
31 – Dec Mon Revelation 21-22*
1 – Jan Tues Genesis 1-3
2 – Jan Wed Genesis 4-6
3 – Jan Thurs Genesis 7-9
4 – Jan Fri Genesis 10-12
5- Jan Sat Genesis 13-15

* Indicates previously unpublished devotional



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