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Legends and Lessons – Bold as Love (Joshua 14:12)

Today’s Reading: Joshua 14-16 Today’s Reflection: Joshua 14:12 “So now give me this hill country of which the LORD spoke on that day, for you heard on that day how the Anakim were there, with great fortified cities. It may be that the LORD will be with me, and I shall drive them out just … Continue reading

Legends and Lessons – Why the book is called Numbers (Numbers 26:51)

Today’s Reading: Numbers 26-29 Today’s Reflection: Numbers 26:51 This was the list of the people of Israel, 601,730. Subject: Israel History:  God had promised Abraham that his offspring would become a great nation through which the whole world would be blessed (Genesis 22:17-18).  Israel was that nation.  God had also promised Abraham that his descendants … Continue reading

Legends and Lessons – Jealous Guy (Numbers 25:10-13)

Today’s Reading: Numbers 23-25 Today’s Reflection: Numbers 25:10-13 10) And the Lord said to Moses, 11) “Phinehas the son of Eleazar, son of Aaron the priest, has turned back my wrath from the people of Israel, in that he was jealous with my jealousy among them, so that I did not consume the people of … Continue reading

Legends and Lessons – How not to lead God’s people (Jeremiah 28:15-16)

Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 26-28 Today’s Reflection: Jeremiah 28:15-16 15) And Jeremiah the prophet said to the prophet Hananiah, “Listen, Hananiah, the LORD has not sent you, and you have made this people trust in a lie. 16) Therefore thus says the LORD: ‘Behold, I will remove you from the face of the earth. This year … Continue reading

Legends and Lessons – Elihu: The one worth listening to (Job 32:6-10)

Today’s Reading: Job 30-33 Today’s Reflection: Job 32:6-10 6) And Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite answered and said: “I am young in years, and you are aged; therefore I was timid and afraid to declare my opinion to you. 7) I said, ‘Let days speak, and many years teach wisdom.’ 8) But it … Continue reading

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